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bellafiore photography branding designed by shelli - applied usage overview


With a big marketing blitz in the works, Frank Bellafiore wanted to refresh his logo and add other brand elements to create a more fluid visual identity. A client whose logo I had just completed sang my praises to him and he got in touch.

His previous logo—script font on a terracotta background—was a sentimental nod to his Italian heritage. During our initial talks he expressed a strong desire to stay with this motif, but indicated he was open to other ideas. I presented three distinct concepts for review, including a take on the terracotta theme. Ultimately, Frank opted to go with a more modern look..

bellafiore photography branding designed by shelli - card frontThe final solution is a sophisticated combination of hand drawn script logo and badge elements paired with a classic sans-serif font. A subtle bokeh style brand backdrop pays homage to the creative use of light in photograpy while bringing visual weight to balance the delicate typography.

The bokeh configuration never changes, but can be cropped and positioned as necessary for various uses and to give a sense of motion. Rounded corners echo the circular nature of the light source. All brand elements are rendered in a sleek white and deep wine color combination. The logo and badge work equally well in wine on a light background, or reversed out of a photograph or the brand backdrop.

library of visual identity elements

bellafiore branding designed by shelli - visual identity elements




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